Friday, April 11, 2014

Celebrating Life Mini Blog Hop!

Good morning everyone! Welcome to Dilo En Español blog, 
but for today we are featuring our 
English line: SAY IT ENGLISH!

I have always said that my forte is spanish stamps.... but I have been asked so many times to make a few sets in English simply because the illustrations are so darn cute! and I took the bite with the set "Home Sweet Home" you can see it HERE

So, in the month of March I came out with a collection of my Spanish stamps called: CELEBRANDO LA VIDA, which means CELEBRATING LIFE and I did these sets thinking about Project Life and all the other awesome pocket scrapbooking out there.... thinking how there are not enough stamps for this type of scrapbooking in Spanish, but so many people LOVED that collection and asked me to please please please make them in English! SO WE DID!!!!

Set 2x3

Set 2x3

Stamp Set 4x4

 Set 4x6

 Set 4x6

 Set 4x6

Make sure you leave a comment on the 3 blogs participating today 
and I will choose one lucky winner!!
(PIC coming)

You can find all these sets at 

and we have a super package deal for you!

and just for today!

Every purchase over $45 gets free shipping.
(Offer only for English stamps)

Use code: BLOGHOP45

Now lets go see what ROBERTA created with amazing stamps!!!


Anita Braddock said...

thanks for sharing this mini hop Love it. the pages and the stamps are Awesome.

Trixie said...

These are Fabulous! I LOVE the Bubble and Banners!

Ruthie Lopez said...

Love them all!


wooow han quedado fabulosos!! las camaritas y los banners son mis favoritos

Starr Cowan said...

So cute!

wendypink said...

love it

Gloria said...

Oh no.... I'm going to get in trouble... Lol:) I really love that you made them in English. Thank You for that and they are perfect for project life!

Laurie Clayton said...

Love them very much!

Nicole Power said...

Awesome stamps!!!!

98Arizona said...

Looks Great, Thanks!

Heather Erhart said...

I love these stamps! So many creative ways to use them!!!

Jeniff said...

OMG I love all the sets. Thanks!

Centellazul said...

Todos preciosos!!!

Amante del Papel said...

Todos los sets son mega hermosos!!!

Gloria said...

disneynut 4 life 22 at yahoo dot com

Cathy G. said...

Love these!

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